Ethan Skiing

Jeremy Sledding

Jeremy and Ethan with Seals

Jeremy and Ethan at Pigeon Point


Model Enterprise in DC

Golden Gate Relay 2014 Vans

Rommel and Steve, Jim and Steve, Ann Waiting for Exchange

Van 1 from Team White, Jim and Jim, Steve and Ann

Jeremy at Swim Meet with Grandparents, Jim and Jim Watch World Cup 2014, Karyn and Jeremy at Swim Meet and Ethan and Jeremy with Uncle Sam

Happy 70th Birthday Jim Senior

Tonga Room for Jim Senior's 70th Birthday

Jeremy and Ethan with a Suckling Pig

Karyn in Paso Robles

Marika's First Day of Kindergarten

Ethan, Karyn and Jeremy after the Chorus Performance and Jeremy and Carys Roll Down a Hill

Jeremy and Ethan Complete a Triathlon

Ethan after Piano Concert

Iver with Hammer

Jeremy and Ethan Share Swanky Cabins at Camp Campbell

Zoe slept a lot this, her last, year

Dancing at Daphney's Bat Mitzva