Mintzs Visit

Jeremy and Ethan Episode 18

San Francisco Zoo

Jeremy at the Zoo

Ethan at the Zoo

Sydney and Anne Marie



Play Time

Ethan and Jeremy on the Floor

Ethan is not wild about cement

Fun with Books


Ethan Reading with Dad

Jeremy in Mom's Lap

Ethan Yawn

Mintz Family Visits

Special Guest Photographer: Shana Mintz

Jeremy with Uncle Jeff

Jeremy with Toy

Ethan in the Swing

Jeremy and Dad on the Horse

Ethan Swinging

Boys at the Park

Zoe and Grandpa at the Park

Jeremy in the Swing

Holl Family on the Slide

Happy Grandparents

Mom Lifts Jeremy

Ethan and his lunch become one

Jeremy in the Bath

Walking with the Mintzs

Aunt Shana with the Boys